"Extraordinary Book: Thank you so much for writing what many people of Nevada had already known,
but were afraid to say. 
I think this book should be standard reading for every parent who has a child
at the University. 
Kudos to you Terri Patraw for your courage under fire!"

Amazon Review

One Thousand Showers is a true story about an NCAA Division I soccer coach’s battle against the Reno, Nevada "system".

Terri Patraw was a highly successful Division I soccer coach with the requisite aggressive, scrappy personality. Terri was at the top of her game when she was suddenly thrown into the battle of her life. 

"This book is an eye-opening look into the politics, nepotism and lies of an athletic program and legal system out-of-control." - Amazon Review

The story touches on the dark side of the state of Nevada. Just when Terri had exhausted all other avenues, she turned to the judicial system to be the final arbiter of justice only to be disappointed to learn that they were perhaps the worst of the bunch. 

This fascinating story is straight out of today’s headlines - Lance Armstrong, Penn State, Rutgers, Mike Leach, University of Miami, and others and will turn heads nationally.

One Thousand Showers, published on June 13, 2013, reached #4 on Amazon's Top 100 Hot New Releases (Sports-Coaching) in its first week. The story has also been adapted for film.